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Odusa Ride 24-25 Jan 2020

Otjivero 2 day Ride - Guestfarm Zelda 17-18 Jan 2020

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International Rides

Open European Championship 2015

Dear Madam, Sir.

On behalf of the Organising Commitee the Danish Equestrian Federation is pleased to invite riders from your country to participate in the above mentioned endurance competition, organizers of the Open European Championship 2015. Please find a copy of the FEI approved schedule attached.

Please also see the attached letter from the organizers.

We are looking forward to welcoming your riders and horses in Denmark in the beginning of August.


Kind Regards
Christian Struck

Sports & Elite
Danish Equestrian Federation

+45 4326 2814 � +45 2447 8312 � www.rideforbund.dk
Idraettens Hus � Broendby Stadion 20 � 2605 Broendby

Geagte Lede

Die jaarlikse Southern Africa FEI Challenge vind hierdie jaar te Aldam in Suid Afrika plaas op 18 Mei.  Namibia moet 4 spanne stuur.  Aldam is tussen Ventersburg en Winburg gele.  Koste beloop is ongeveer N$1068.00 per persoon met ontbyt ingesluit.  Hou asb hierdie datum in gedagte, ek stuur binnekort die nominasievorms uit.

The annual competition between Namibia and South Africa is the Southern Africa FEI Challenge which will take place at Aldam, South Africa on 18 May 2012.  Aldam is situated between Ventersburg and Winburg in the Free State.  Namibia will be sending 4 teams to compete in this Challenge.  Costs will be approximately N$1068.00 per person which also includes breakfast.  Please keep this in mind so that horses and riders qualify in time.  I will be sending out the nomination forms shortly.

Annette Hanekom
Secretary Namibia Endurance

SA International Challenge - Aldam 18 May 2012

Preliminary Program
Entries & Paddock Bookings


Invitation to the FEI Samsung Lobatse Endurance ride on 3 October 2009

Information Sheet
Calculation Sheet Pula (xls)
Calculation Sheet Rand (xls)
Entry Form (xls)
Health Attestation

International Ride Invitation - Sudheide-Severloh - Germany

Entry Form - German
Entry Form - English
Schedule - English
Information - English
Appendix to Schedule - English

Dear Sirs/madam,


On behalf of the O.C.  "Sudheide-Severloh", we should like to invite competitors from your country to take part in this event. The schedule is sent with this letter.


Hope to see you in Germany.


Mit freundlichen Gr��en / Kind regards
i. A. / by order
Silke Zahel
Deutsches Olympiade-Komitee f�r Reiterei e.V.
Freiherr-von-Langen-Str. 15
48231 Warendorf
Telefon: 0049 / (0) 2581/63 62 - 236
Telefax: 0049 / (0) 2581/63 62 - 401
e-mail: szahel@fn-dokr.de
Internet: www.pferd-aktuell.de


Senior and Junior Young Rider Development Teams to Lobatse

Back Row: Johan van der Walt, Stefanus Pienaar, Hannelie Coetzee, Anton Motheka, Sylvester Motheka, Collin Tjanda, Andre van der Walt (Coach) Senior Team

Front Row: Hendrik Loubser, Fritz Konjak, Christine Vermeulen, Susan Badenhorst, Dirkie de Meyer, Mari Bredenkamp, Susan de Meyer (Coach) Junior Young Rider Team

Foal Festival

Team Schanskraal

Arabian Auction SA

Schanskraal ride - riders needed

Invitation Whk Scientific Society - AHS

Latest Committee Decision

Schanskraal Namibiese Nasionale Span Senior 160 Km 3 * 19 Oktober 2013

Open European Championship 2015


Purebred Arabian Northern Cape Regional Championships: Upington EXPO 2-4 MAY 2013

Event - Arabian Nights
Arab Horse Auction
Auction Forms
Auction Info

Accommodation Fauresmith

National Team - Fauresmith 2013

SA Riders

NB: Internet Payments

Nomination for National Teams to Fauresmith

New SA Arabian Magazine

SAIC Challenge Fauresmith 3 May 2013

Alltech World Equestrian Games 2014

FEI Course Feb 2013

Horse Photographer

FEI Endurance Official Course -  Feb 2013

Masindi Ride 25-27 July

Tsumeb Ride 19 & 20 July

Okahandja Ride 22 June 2013

Fauresmith 2, 3, 4 July 2013

Okanjande club - Ombinda
6-8 June

Tip of Africa Ride - Overberg South Africa 27 July 2013

Okaputa Ride 13-15 June

Leonardville Ride 18 May

Training session for Electronic system 21 June

Lekwater Ride 20 April 2013

Grootfontein Ride 19-20 April 2013

Etango Ranch Ride
6 April 2013

NERA Committee Decisions - NEW

FEI Endurance Official Course

Walvis Bay 10 yrs

Notice of AGM

Walvis Bay Team 2012

FEI Courses

Nomination Forms - Walvis Bay 2012

Results Aldam 2012

Registrations (06/01/2012)

Important news on Registrations

Committe decision on 30km ride

Stefanus Pienaar Memorial Ride, 23 March 2013 at Gobabis

Anib Lodge Ride 2 March 2013

Odussa ride 15 Feb 2013

Okaputa CEI* Ride 2 March 2013

Babi-Babi 2-Day Ride 14-16 Feb 2013

Grootfontein Ride 26 Jan 2013

Okahandja Ride 2 Feb 2013

Tsumeb Ride 12 January 2013

Otjivero ride 19 January 2013

Invitation India International Endurance Feb 2013

Hurst Radnor en Fatima doen dit weer!! Hulle wen die Shaikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Cup for Ladies 120km ride in 04:43:53!! Net twee maande nadat hulle die 90km Ladies race in 'n tyd van 03:09:08 gewen het!  Photo

23.3.1987 - 14.2.2012


Heidi, Schierschmidt en Pienaar familie bedank elkeen vir die honderde gebede  sms`s, e-posse, telefoonoproepe, facebook boodskappe, drukkies, kaartjies, ruikers, plaasbesoeke en die teenwoordigheid op die begrafnis asook die Namibiesie uithourit vereniging wat hul uniform met trots gedra het by die begrafnis.Ons opregte waardering.

 Heidi, Schierschmidt  en Pienaar familie.


 Heidi and the Pienaar Schierschmidt families would like to thank each and everyone for the hundreds of prayers, sms's, emails, phone calls, facebook messages, hugs, cards, flowers and farm visits and for your support at the funeral as well as the Namibian Endurance Ride Association who wore their uniforms with so much pride in memory of Stefanus. Our sincere appreciation.

Heidi and the Pienaar Schierschmidt families

Lede Geagte

 Lede Hiermee die nominasievorm vir die Southern Africa Challenge te Aldam, SA op 18 Mei 2012. Ons moet die volgende spanne stuur: Swaargewig, Standaardgewig, No Weight en Jongruiterspan.  Indien jy in een van die spanne wil deelneem en bereid is om Aldam toe te gaan moet die nominasievorm ingevul word.  Faks of epos dit na my binne die volgende week.

Please find attached the nomination form for team participation at Aldam South Africa on 18 May 2012.  Should you wish to nominate yourself for one of the teams please fill in the form and fax or email this back to me during the week.

Form (xls)

Annette Hanekom
Secretary Namibia Endurance

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We want to invite your riders to our international events in Neuendorf (SUI).

Please inform your riders and make your entries asap!

We are looking forward to have a lot of riders of your federation at our show!

Best regards

Information 1
Information 2


Please note that you will not be able to register for a ride unless membership is paid for 2012.  Proof of payment has to be sent either to myself, Raik or Rudolf.  Should you have problems with the electronic registration please contact either Rudolf or Raik.  Until proof of membership is given you will receive a "suspended" message.

Contact details Rudolf - mobile 0812988417 - email: khmeyerd@mweb.com.na

Contact details Raik - mobile 0855679791 - email: rric@slaggi.org


The electronic registration for riders and horses as well as for electronic  entries for rides has reference.

All riders who wants to enter for rides in  Namibia has to be registered. (ONCE)

All horses that wants to enter for rides in Namibia has to be  registered as well. (ONCE)  Please make sure that the name are exactly the same as on the passport, and all fields be filled in.

After your initial signup, we will check your entry and send a password to the Email account you have entered, so you can simply select your riders and horses in order to enter into a ride.

All entries for rides during 2012 must be done electronically on the NERA web page.

The ranking system will be calculated automatically after every ride, using the riders NERA number and horse blue passport book number.

Good, how this is done?


To sign up:

  Go to http://www.slaggi.org/nera/nera_members.html or alternatively on the NERA website:


  • go to "Ride Results".

  • select any link or query.

  • then on the results page on the top right corner click on: 'login'

  •  you will find a new page where there is a link on the bottom to click on: �If you are an active NERA Member and ..."

  • on the next page enter your e-mail address and the information to your horses and riders. It is sufficient to enter only one Member and Horse, you can always add more later on ...


There are already about 250 horses on the system, so if you have issues adding your horses because they are 'already existing', just drop me a note and I will add them to your account.


  • on the initial signup you can enter directly into a ride, but you don't have to ! So you can safely close the site after the 3rd step.


The system will send a confirmation e-mail and a password for your account. This may take a while as we do check the signups before they become active.


This e-mail and password will be your login details for the future to go to the Members Area. There you can change the password if you want.


All existing users which had received a password previously will still work !


please use to login to the Members Area:

http://www.slaggi.org/nera/nera_members.html or alternatively the 'login'

link on the result pages ...


Enter into a Competition:


  • login with your e-mail address and password and select "LOGIN".

  • now you are in and can add riders and horses as you wish.

  • to enter for a ride, go to "CALENDAR" at the top.

  • the rides will appear, and click on "REGISTER" on the right of the ride you want to enter for.  Follow the steps from the top to the bottom. 


              An e-mail will be send to your e-mail confirming your entry.


  • to confirm your entry on the website, go to "ENTRIES" at the top and see whether your entry is shown for the rides you have entered and the status thereof. You can change or revoke your entry as long as the status is 'submitted'. Once it's 'approved' then it's binding and can only be changed by NERA.

  • check your Ride results:

  • please have a look at the "RESULTS" sheet.  Enter your name in the space and select "RIDER", and see whether all your results from 2009 are shown. If not, make a copy of you rider book, indicate the results not shown, and fax it to 062-501212.


Feel free to play around on the page to familiarize yourself with the system.


And feel free to contact myself or Raik if you have any problems.

Pierre de Wit completed the World Young Rider Championship in Abu Dhabi and obtained the 24th place on his Australian horse Otis TE.  This is wonderful news and we wish to congratulate him on this performance.

Dear Members

Pierre de Wit will be participating at the Young Rider World Championship in Abu Dhabi on 10 December.  Attached is a picture of him and his horse Otis TE.  Lientjie, his mom, will be updating us regarding the ride.  We wish him the best for the ride.

Geagte Lede

Die Jongruiter W�reld Kampioenskappe vind Desember in Abu Dhabi plaas.  Die afstand is oor 120km en 'n ruiter moet in kombinasie met sy perd kwalifiseer.  Aangesien dit nie moontlik is vir ons ruiters om hul perde uit te neem nie sal 'n ruiter in  Europa of een van die ander lande moet kwalifiseer. 

Indien daar ruiters is wat graag hierdie kwalifikasie vir die span wil aangaan kan hulle my kontak. NERA sal graag 'n span wil inskrywe vir hierdie kampioenskappe.   Perde en ritte moet self gere�l word in Europa of waar dit beskikbaar is.

The Young Rider World Championship will be taking place in Abu Dhabi in December 2011.  Riders and horses should qualify in combination.  As it is not possible to take horses from Namibia for this ride, riders will have to qualify in Europe or elsewhere.  If anyone is prepared to do so and wish to be nominated for the Namibian team, please contact me.

Horses and rides for qualifying will have to be organized by the rider.

Annette Hanekom
Secretary Namibia Endurance

Geagte Lede/Members

Hiermee die nominasie forms vir nominasie tot die Nasionale spanne vir Alma Rit op 07/04/2011  Spanne word reeds op die Okahandja rit gekies.  Faks of epos hierdie vorm voor die rit na 062 504521 of nera.hanekom@gmail.com

Please find the nomination form for the National Teams to Alma on 07/04/2011.  The teams will be selected at the Okahandja ride.  Fax or email the form to me before the ride to 062 504521 or nera.hanekom@gmail.com

Nomination Form (pdf)
Nomination Form (MSWord)


Hiermee 'n brief van gelukwensing vanaf die Sport Kommissie.

A letter of congratulations from the Sports Commission.


Dear Members


The following decisions were taken at the NERA Council meeting which took place on Saturday 6 November 2010.


The New President of NERA is Mr Jannie Wiese of Otjivero

The New Vice President of NERA is Mr Bennie Venter of Otjivero

Secretary - Annette Hanekom

FEI Liaison Officer - Zelda von Schauroth


Other Members of Council:

Kallie Grunschloss - Tsumeb

Eckart Basson - Tsumeb

Rina Kriel - Grootfontein

Pieter-Schalk Grobbelaar - Grootfontein

Paul Brand - Kalahari

Dawie van Aardt - Kalahari

Jan Fourie - Okanjande

Oskar Lambert - Okanjande

Andre van der Walt - Windhoek

Rudolf Oosthuizen - Windhoek

Fanie Joubert - Walvisbaai

Mike Bredenkamp - Walvisbaai 


Our appreciation to Mike and Kallie who have been in the positions for the two previous years.


-   The Ride Calendar was approved and will be sent out shortly.


Dear Members,

Just the following regarding the ride dates of WERC for 2011:-

  • 5 February 2011                        Okahandja 1* 100km                    Stay as planned

  • 7 May 2011/2 June 2011            Katjapia 100km                            Will be 28 May 2011 at Katjapia (Due to Grootfontein show dated 2 June 2011, where a Arab Horse show will be hosted)

  • 2 July 2011                               Okahandja 2* 120KM                    Stay as planned

  • 24 September 2011                   Teufelsbach/Okahandja                 Will be 01 October 2011, due to time span from Walvisbay.

Regarding the Step-Ladder system.  Council has decided not to go for it as it was discussed in length in the past and are not willing to implement such a system due to the additional administration involved, which causes some problems in ERASA.


Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions regarding decisions taken by Council as mentioned below.



Rudolf Oosthuizen



Geagte Lede

Weereens geluk aan ons ruiters wat gisteraand aan die Sport Awards deelgeneem het.

Collen Tjandja is aangewys as die "Most Improved Sportsman of the Year" 

Veels geluk aan Collen.

Collen Tjandja received the award for the "Most Improved Sportsman of the Year" at the awards ceremony of the Sports Commission last night.

Congratulations to Collen.


Dear Members

The following decisions were taken at the AGM in Walvis Bay

-  The Financial Statements of NERA will be mailed to all members after being approved by


-  It was decided that each OC of a ride can decide whether they want to give a discount to

   riders who enter more than 4 horses for a ride.

-  Clubs should adhere to the colors of the loops as they have always been.

-  Team members riding for the National Team will be informed before the start of

    competition whether they are in the team of the day or not.

-  In principle it was decided that the Walvis Bay ride will stay in Walvis Bay and not

   move to Swakopmund.

-  The 2 x 30km rides will remain.  For any ride shorter than 40km a rider does not have to

    be a member of a club, no vaccinations are required for the horse and no books are

    required.  The rider will however pay the entry fee of the day and adhere to the rules of

    NERA.  This is done to make the sport more accessible for new riders.

The problem with vaccinations that have to be done by a veterinarian will be taken up with the Veterinary Council of Namibia, by Mike to verify whether a medical practitioner may sign off the vaccination. 


Geagte Lede 

Die finaliste vir die Sport Award toekennings is gister aangekondig. Veels geluk aan hulle almal.   Die volgende persone is op die lys:


Collen Tjandja - Most improved sportperson of the Year

Alice Krenz - Junior sportwoman of the Year

Senior Span - Sports team of the Year


The above riders and team were nominated for the Sport Awards and are among the finalists.  Congratulations to them all.


Westernriding course presented in Omaruru  from 22 November.

Info 1   Info 2   Info 3


Individual Standard
Namibian Team (xls)
Team Start List

Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3    Photo 4    Photo 5    Photo 6

Wat 'n dag!  Olivia was uit na 122km en Kordula na 142km.  Anna was 45ste uit 110 ruiters.  Ons is jammer dat hulle nie almal kon klaarmaak nie.  Veels geluk nog aan die meisies.

What a day!  Olivia was eliminated after 122km and Kordula after 142km.  Anna finished 45th out of 110 participants.  Pity they could not all finish but congratulations to them!


Latest WEG Report Click Here

We have a great time here in Lexington, Kentucky.

The weather is fine and the environs are beautiful.

The Americans call Lexington the HORSE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD...typical America, isn't it?

Since stabling at the horse park would have been in quite small stables, the girls rather chose to 

camp with their horses about 2 miles away from the Kentucky Horse Park at a farm.

They got big paddocks there  and a barn for their horses. Horses are doing fine, fit and full of life.

Today there was a 'training session' for  'us unexperienced grooms'.

The 3 girls have fixed and polished their riding gear and clothing.


They are quite chilled and no one is nervous as yet.


Gisela Voigts

Our 3 WEG girls are on their way to Kentucky with their horses.  The horses may go into the venue only on the 24th.  Leon Harmse will be arriving in Kentucky tomorrow.  He will be one of Anna's grooms during the ride.  The horses will be stabled near the venue until the 24th.  The ride is on Sunday 26 September.  We wish them all well and trust that they will finish the 160km.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Please check out the blog below.   Nog iets oor ons meisies in Kentucky


Dear Equestrian Friends

NAMEF is in the process of organizing a GOLF DAY aimed at fundraising for our beloved sport.  We would like to appeal to each and every one of you to advertise this event and make an effort to recruit teams.  All relevant information attached hereto.  We are also looking for sponsorships in the form of PRIZES for the teams.  

We would appreciate your aid and support in this regard.  Happy hunting to all!!

For more info CLICK HERE



We have pleasure in enclosing the FEI Month in Review for August. It contains an outline of the main news from the sport and the organisation, as well as a summary of the main meetings and upcoming events.

Please send your feedback to Richard Johnson, FEI Director of Corporate Communications, or Marianne Burkhardt, FEI Publications Co-ordinator.

Click Here


Geagte Lede
Wat 'n wonderlike getuigskrif vir een van ons groot ruiters, Armin van Biljon.  Op 18 Julie vind daar 'n rit in Mecklenburg Duitsland plaas met die naam "Armin's Race"  Armin gaan ook self daar deelneem.  Ons wens hom alle sukses toe.  Dankie Armin vir jou bydrae tot uithouritte in Namibie.

On 18 July 2010 a special ride is taking place in Mecklenburg Germany, called  Armin's Race.  Armin van Biljon is still one of the great endurance riders of Namibia and this is a wonderful tribute.  Hy will be riding in Armin's Race and we wish him the best of luck.

Flyer Armin's Race

Schweizer Reneke


Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7   Photo 8  

Photo 9   Photo 10

Photo 11   Photo 12   Photo 13   Photo 14  Photo 15


Our young ladies in the USA - World Equestrian Games Kentucky

The Namibian WEG Team

      Olivia & Tess         Duli & Image           Anna & Fantashia         Anna & Jazzman   

Otjiwarongo Ride 20/10/2012

Out of Nature Ride
12-14 Oct 2012

Walvis Bay club ride 11/08 cancelled

Walvis Bay Club ride 28/07 & 11/08 Invite

Calculation Sheet

Tsumeb Ride 21 July 2012

Masindi Ride 12-14 July

Span - Aldam 2012

Colt Starting Course

Arabian Horse Auction

Independance Ride Results

Nomination Forms Aldam

Spanne - SAIC Aldam

Fees for 2012 & Team Leaders for 2012

Supersport Program Times

Okahandja Ride 30 June

Change of venue - Katjapia Ride

Change of venue - Twfelspoort Ride

Okomotjise 16 June

Sachsenheim - Tsumeb on 28 April

Keetmanshoop Ride 14 April

Gobabis Independance Ride 24 March

Odussa 18 Feb

Okanjande Okaputa 3 Mar

Otjivero 24 Feb

Grootfontein 28 Feb

SA Int Challenge - Aldam 18 May

AGM 2011 Agenda

AGM 2011

Walvis Bay Team

Walvis Bay 10 Rides Award

Young Riders Champs Abu Dhabi

Invite Reiter Verein Swakopmund

Letter on Fauresmith

Walvis Bay Teams 2011

Nomination Form Walvis Bay 2011

Chief Stewards Course
Form for Course

SuperSport Times

Fauresmith Invitational Team

FEI course - Worcester Cape

Namef Workshop Invite
Namef Awards Ceremony

Teams for Alma Ride

Registrations Rider & Horse

Changes to Endurance Rules

Equine Herpes

FEI Press Releases

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Video Clip - Armin's Race in Germany

Katjapia Ride  30 Sept 2011

Okanjande Ride 08 Oct 2011

Walvis Bay Club Ride 30 July & 13 Aug

Twyfelspoort Ride 23 July

Walvis Bay 31/08/2011

Masindi Rides: 21/22 July & 22/23 July 2011

Okahandja Ride: there will also be a NERA 101km ride.

Okahandja Ride CEI**
2 July 2011

Anib Lodge Ride 04/06/2011

Otjiwarongo Ride 10/06/2011

Katjapia Ride - moved to 01/10/2011

Northern Club Ride - Farm Haraseb 29/30 April

Independance Ride 13 May 2011

Leonardville ride on 15/16 April 2011
Walvis Bay club ride moved to 30 April 2011

Invitation Keetmanshoop Ride 26 March 2011

Invitation Okaputa CEI*

Invitation Odussa ride

Babi Babi ride 18/19 Feb

Okahandja Ride Maps

Nominations - Team for Alma Ride 07/04/2011

Okahandja CEI * Ride 5/6Feb

Noorde Club Ride 29 Jan

Tsumeb ride 15 Jan

Witvlei ride on 14/15 Jan

Video Clip - Armin's Race in Germany

Agenda for AGM

Walvis Bay Ride August

Walvis Bay Team 2010

Masindi Ride 24 July 2010

Twyfelspoort Ride
24 July 2010

Nomination Forms - Walvis Bay 2010

AHS Update

FEI Doping Top 10 Facts