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As lots of questions re Eq. Herpes Virus were posed to us, we thought of putting this article together

To hopefully answer at least some of the questions of concerned horse owners.
For Article Click Here


We would appreciate if you could bring this info to the attention of your members.


Kind regards


Diethardt Rodenwoldt



Geagte Lede/Members


Hiermee 'n brief van Dr Baines rakende die influenza spuite.  Ek vertrou dat ons nou hiermee alle onduidelikheid rakende die spuite uit die weg het.


I have attached a letter from Dr Baines regarding the influenza injections.  I trust that any misunderstanding of the rules are now sorted out.




This is a short version of prohibited substances by Dr van Dam.  Please note bicarbonate of soda is forbidden.

Prohibited Substances

Eco fear and calmequin are not regarded as prohibited substances and could be used.

There seems to be confusion on which substances are prohibited and which will be allowed. Unfortunately it is not practical to try and list all the prohibited substances either by generic name (these names will not mean much to most people) or trade name (impossible to list all the trade names). To make this issue less complicated, Dr. Coen de Bruin has compiled a list of substances which are not regarded as prohibited substances.

Please note that he has only listed products that are registered (under Act 36 and 101) for the use in horses. If other products are used off-label (i.e. not registered for horses or products for human use), the onus is on the rider to ensure that such a product does not contain a prohibited substance. Also note that some of the listed products are injectable formulations which are not allowed to be administered at the competition venue. The use of herbal products is still a grey area and is therefore not listed.

The herbal product Devils Claw has been banned by the FEI and is therefore regarded a prohibited substance.

Download the rest of Dr. Van Dam's Report....

Download the World Anti Doping Agency Prohibited List........