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Okahandja Ride 2 February 2013

Ride Invitation

Please note:
There will also be a 42,6 km FEI distance, consisting of 2 legs of approximately 26,9 kms and 15.7 kms.

See our new committee members for 2013 below.

Neem asb. kennis van die volgende/Please note the following:

1. Klubbestuur/Club Management 2013/2014:

Voorsitter/chairperson: Peet Harmse
O-voorsitter/vice chair: Rudolf Oosthuizen
Sekretaresse/secretary: Marna Steyl
Tesourier/treasury: Elisna Coetzee
Tydhouding/timekeeping: Hester Lessing
Veeaartskoordineerder/Vet coordinator: Ronelle Greeff
Roetekoordineerder/route coordinator: Leon Harmse
Addisionele lede/additional members: Ingeborg Hernes, Raik Richter, Hendri Greeff.

2. Rudolf Oosthuizen is verkies as Vise-President van die Nera Raad/has been elected
as Vice-President of the Nera Council.

3. Ons klub bied volgende jaar die volgende ritte aan/Our club will host the following
rides next year:

(a) 1 & 2 Feb terat Okahandja (1* FEI ride).
(b) 5 & 6 April te/at Okapuka or Voigtland (Klubrit/Club ride). Plek moet nog bepaal
word/Venue still to be determined.
(c) 21 & 22 Jun te/at Okahandja (2* FEI ride).
(d) 11 & 12 Oct te/at Okahandja (Klubirt en AJV/Club ride and AGM).

4. Lidmaatskapaansoekvorm/Membership application form:

Vind aangeheg die lidmaatskapaansoekvorm vir 2013. Behoorlik voltooide en
getekende vorms kan per e-pos aan my of Elisna gestuur word of gefaks word
na (062) 501855 (Peet) gedurende kantoorure of (062) 502997 (Elisna), tesame
met bewys van betaling van die lidmaatskapfooi van N$1200-00 per lid in die klub
se bankrekening. Die fooi kan betaal word in hoogstens 3 paaiemente, met die
eerste paaiement betaalbaar in Januarie en die laaste paaiement voor die einde
Maart 2013./Find attached the membership application form for 2013. Duly
completed and signed forms may be sent to me or Elisna via e-mail or faxed to
(062) 501855 (Peet) during office hours or (062) 502997 (Elisna), together with
proof of payment of the membership fee of N$1200-00 per member in the bank
account of the club. The fee may be paid in three instalments, with the first
instalment payable in January and the last instalment payable before the end
of March 2013. (Bankrekeningbesonderhede/Banking account particulars:
WERC, Bank Windhoek, Okahandja tak/branch, Takkode/branch code: 482 773,
Rek. no./Account number: 8001386848.)

5. Mikroskyfies vir FEI perde/Microchips for FEI horses:

In alle perde wat volgende jaar aan FEI afstande deelneem, moet mikroskyfies
(deur �n veearts) ingeplant word. Dit kos N$200-00 per skyfie, plus die veaartskoste.
By ons klubritte sal dit van toepassing wees vanaf die 1/2 Februarie rit./All horses
taking part in FEI distances next year must be microchipped by a veterinarian. The
cost is N$200-00 per microchip, plus the cost of the veterinarian. At our club rides it
will apply from 1/2 February.

6. Ander fooie/Other fees:

(a) FEI registrasiefooi: N$200-00 per perd en N$200-00 per ruiter/FEI registration
fee: N$200-00 per horse and N$200-00 per rider.

(b) Ritfooi: N$300-00 per klubrit/Ride fee: N$300-00 per club ride.

(c) Fooie vir FEI afstande wissel/Fees for FEI distances vary.

Okahandja Ride 30 June 2012


Calculation Sheet (xls)
Calculation Sheet (pdf)

Dear members,
Please note that the ride scheduled for 6 October 2012 on the farm Katjapia are moved to Out of Nature dated 13 October 2012.
Best regards,
Rudolf Oosthuizen

Okahandja Ride - 4 February 2012

Calculation sheet (xls)

Katjapia ride 30 Sept & 1 October 2011

Calculation sheet (xls)
Route Maps
Info on Routes
All Routes

Okahandja Ride CEI** 2 July 2011

Calculation Sheet (xls)
Maps (pdf)


Okahandja Ride CEI* 5 & 6 February 2011

Calculation Sheet (xls)
Calculation Sheet (pdf)
Entry Form

Out of Nature Ride 3 July 2010

Ride Information
Calculation Sheet
Calculation Sheet (pdf)


Invitation to the first CEI* ride of the year at Okahandja on 6 February

Ride Invitation
Ride Calculation Sheet
Route Maps 1
Route Maps 2
Entry Forms

Kaya Guesthouse Accommodation Special Offer



1.1 Attached please find a Membership Application form to be filled out and submitted by every person who wants to be a member of the WERC for 2010. Membership fees are N$600-00 per member per year.

Membership Application Form

1.2 Please provide all particulars required, especially e-mail addresses, as it is the most convenient way to communicate. Remember: If you want to add the particulars concerned to the form itself and then e-mail it to us, you must first save it to your "My Documents", enter the particulars concerned on the form itself, save it and then attach the amended form to the e-mail to me. Otherwise you can fax it to (062) 501855 or bring it to the first Okahandja ride.

2.1 For those who want to make electronic payments or pay by way of direct deposits, our banking particulars for the payment of membership fees and other payments are:

Bank: Bank Windhoek
Branch: Okahandja
Branch code: 482 773
Name of account: Windhoek Endurance Riding Club
Account number: 8001 386 848 
Type of account: Cheque.

2.2 Please enter clear references (eg. state your name) when making electronic payments or when paying by way of direct deposits, and let us know if you have made any payment. You can also fax copies of transactions or deposit slips if it is convenient for you or send an sms to my cell number.





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