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29th AUGUST 2007



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Namibia was once again the proud host of the African Endurance Championship held in the harbour town of Namibia, Walvis Bay.

Namibia extended an invitation to Brazil and Australia to send national teams to compete at this prestigious event and Namibia supplied horses to the visiting teams.  Brazil sent a Young rider team and Australia sent a senior team.  Three of the Brazilian team members competed at the World Championship in Argentina in March 2007 and the well know Meg Wade was included in the Australian squad.

In the JYR 120 km event participated Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Brazil.  In the team competition of the senior event over 130km competed Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Australia.

The weather forecast is always watched intensely before the event because the early morning start in Walvis Bay can be greeted by a sand storm, thick mist, devastating winds, or a perfect clear, windless day.  As if by prior arrangement, the morning of 29 August was a perfect day which held until late afternoon when strong winds blew the last riders home.

The first loop was in darkness (but full moon), a loop of 31 km easy going, flat surface to the salt pans.  The second loop (29 km) was along the shore line, a panoramic loop with brisk sea winds making it a pleasant but deceiving experience.  This leg is traditionally known for causing metabolic problems due to the fact that the high humidity does not make it easy for the horses to cool down.

The third leg  (30km) is through the desert, seemingly an easy leg but the strong winds during the previous weeks caused many new, soft dunes which tired the horses easily.  The fourth leg (30km) was the highly intimidating Dune 7.  This dune was used in earlier years for military training; this dune would make or break a soldier.  It did the same to horses.   The senior riders had the last 10km loop along the lagoon.

JYR 120km:

There was tough competition amongst the Juniors and a few who bargained on a definite win.  The leaders of the first three loops could not keep the pace on the last loop, the dreadful dune 7.  Experienced riders knew that they should save their horses’ energy for dune 7 and make sure that horses were not exhausted or marginally dehydrated before attempting the “Everest” of the ride.   Izolde von Schauroth, captain of the Namibian team, departed for the last loop in sixth place, 7 minutes behind the leading horse.  Her horse, Akasha Sansnasib, was in excellent condition when they mounted dune 7.  They made up a few minutes and were 4 minutes behind the leader when they came down dune 7.  Devon Bolleurs on Sebastiaan kept close to Izolde and gave her stiff competition.  Approaching the last water point, 5 km from the finish line, Nicola Coetzee from SA was still in the leading position and Izolde and Devon was in a safe second and third place with the fourth horse being well out of sight.   Izolde von Scharoth finished in first place, 6 minutes ahead of Devon Bolleurs (Namibia) in second place.  Izolde had finished in third place in 2004 and in second place in 2005 and it was a dream come true to win this competition.

Individual classification:

1.  Izolde von Schauroth on Akasha Sansnasib   6:10:06

2.  Devon Boleurs on Sebastiaan                                               6:16:05

3.  Anna Wucher            on Shaira SW                                       6:21:34

Team classification:

1.        Namibia

2.        RSA

3.        Brazil

4.        Botswana

130km Standard Weight:

The South African riders dominated the first three loops of the ride.  They stuck together as a team and were determining the pace.  Fritz Konjak on Image from Namibia stayed within a 500 metre range from the leading group. On the fourth loop, after dune 7, he was the first rider to depart from the water point.  He managed to establish a one minute lead.  At the last water point of loop four Fritz, Stefanus Pienaar and the 2006 winner, Frans Saubek, departed together.  Fritz again managed to obtain a one minute lead.  He held this lead until the end of the ride and finished in first place, one minute ahead of the second place Stefanus Pienaar.  In the mean while Wanette Hanekom managed to catch up with Frans Saubek and she finished in third place with Frans in fourth place.  A newcomer to the FEI arena was Paul Brand.  It was his first time as member of the Namibian team and he finished in a credible fifth place.

Individual classification:

1.  Fritz Konjak on Image                                   6:58:50

2.  Stefanus Pienaar on Shaiks Fire        6:59:54

3.  Wanette Hanekom on Thin Air                        7:10:45

 Team Classification:

1.        Namibia

2.        RSA

3.        Botswana

4.        Australia


130km Heavy Weight:

This was a first time that an official heavy weigh division was hosted.  The Namibians won the team competition and the individual classification was as follows:

1.  Marius Carstens 97kg on Armin’s Zulu                        7:39:50

2.  Piet van Rooyen 97 kg on Tsaar                                7:48:34

3.  Rudolf Oosthuizen 99kg on Danesca Ryneath            7:53:33



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