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Walvis Bay - CEI *** 120/130km Young Rider/ Senior Africa Championship


Article from Dr Glynn Catton

A lovely article by Dr Glynn Catton on Walvis Bay 2008.
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Africa Champion Walvis Bay 2008 - Frans Saubek


Heavy Weight Category Winner - Rudolph Oosthuizen

Anna Wucher Junior Young Rider Winner Africa Championships Walvis Bay

Winner Child Category - Sune Wessels

Senior Team winners of the Africa
Championships Walvis Bay 2008

Namibian Heavy weights of Walvis Bay

Namibia Endurance Ride Association will be hosting the annual Walvisbay Endurance Ride on the 20 August 2008. This 160/120km CEI*** ride will be the Africa Championship for 2008.
Namibia Endurance is proud to be sponsoring this event and plan to make it one of the biggest events that endurance in Africa has ever seen.

Walvisbay, is Namibia's major harbor town, and is fast developing into a sought after haven for spending a holiday at the sea. The town has a well developed and efficient port, while its fishing harbor is the hub of Namibia's lucrative fishing industry.  The Walvisbay Lagoon is the largest single area of shallow water, on the west coast of Africa. It's natural beauty is highlighted by the presence of thousands of birds throughout the year, most notably flamingoes. The lagoon, a Ramsar site because of it's value as a wetland area, serves as a safe haven and a feeding station for many different species of birds on their migration route to and from the Arctic Circle.

Other attractions are the variety of recreational possibilities, a desert golf course, modern and comfortable hotels and a choice of restaurants, activities such as desert sightseeing trips and kayaking in the lagoon at sunrise. With the cold Benguela current running along this coast, temperatures can vary from very cold to very hot, with occasional desert winds.  The Namib Desert, surrounding Walvisbay, is one of the oldest deserts in the world, and the Walvisbay ride takes the endurance rider over some of the highest dunes in the world. This ride is not only one of the most spectacular in Africa, but also an endurance ride in the true sense of the word. Rider and horse have to endure all aspects of the vastness and solitude of the Namib Desert.

This route will take the rider over dunes, along the lagoon, with flamingo's and other birdlife abundantly around, or into the desert where the lonely call of the black-backed jackal is the only sound. The ride in Walvisbay will also be a Tri-Nations ride between Namibia, South Africa and Botswana. Junior and Senior teams from these countries will test their skills over the sand of the Namib Desert.

Some of the best endurance horses are bred in Namibia, many of which have been exported especially to Middle East countries. Horses are available for leasing in Namibia for the Walvisbay ride. Due to African Horse sickness, it is not viable to import horses for the ride. Please direct enquiries for the leasing of horses through Namibia's F.E.I. liaison officer.
Information on accommodation and flights to and from Namibia can also be obtained from the secretary.

Air Namibia, the national airline, operates regular flights between London/Frankfurt and Windhoek. Walvisbay has a large airport and transfers can easily be arranged to Walvisbay. Air Namibia also operates daily flights from Windhoek to Walvisbay. Comav, a local airline caters for flights from Windhoek to Swakopmund every day of the week.

Contact Info:
Annette Hanekom
Secretary NERA - Co-odinator Walvis Bay

Tel: +264-62-501952
Fax: +264-62-504521
Mobile: +264-811222059 
Zelda von Schauroth
FEI - Liaison Officer Namibia

Tel: +264-63-683127 
Fax: +264-63683128
Mobile: +264 811277578
Mike Bredenkamp
Route co-odinator Walvisbay
Tel: +264- 811283333
Johan Venter
Webmaster NERA

Tel: 00264811278879
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